I am Gemma Sugar, Mistress: The Memoirs of a Powerful Woman


These are my memoirs, my story, the life of a powerful woman that had to swim a sea of shit and came out on the other side tough as nails and dirty as fuck. English is not my first language, but sarcasm is. Enjoy my story. Learn. Grow. Glow.

Gemma Sugar

I am a woman that had to see all the demons of men, looked them in the eye, and won over them fighting with the weapons of self-confidence, awareness, and passion. Desire, lust, and fetish were my job, long time ago, when life was very different. Little did I know that in all my current stability, the lessons I had learned back then will come to save me or that the past will show its ugly head again to be transformed in something amazing.

People in my life call me Angel, tho a few of them know for sure that I am a devil dressed up in leather and high heels, with red lipstick and a lust for money, tears, blood, pain, and pleasure.

My life is not a fairy tale story. It is a life lived with passion and curiosity, with respect for diversity, desire, and strength. In all its darkness, there is happiness, humor, good vibes, irony, and a healthy dose of sarcasm.

Feminity and strength in one place are rare. Men cannot bear to see so much power in a woman, but at the same time, they yearn for it. My journey leads me to the path of self-control, confidence, and bravery. All the men in my life made me who I am today: a woman so strong that when I look in the mirror I feel both fear and pride.

Follow my raw story, live it with me, in a war against injustice, greed, and pride, but most of all, against myself! Discover men and all the desires they hide deep in their souls, described in spicy details. Watch the drama and the comedy of an amazing experience from an innocent child up to a woman so powerful that no man dares not to bow.

I am Gemma Sugar, Mistress: The Memoirs of a Powerful Woman is available at Amazon in hardcover, paperback and on Kindle.