Memoir Of A: Prominent Soul by Monique Wilson

Dope fiends, crackheads, easy marks, fast money, soaring heights, and devastating lows. These aren’t grand ideas borne out of Hollywood scripts. These words, and the people behind them, defined my young life.

But through strength I never knew I had, faith, and the tenacity to not let my past dictate my future, I found a solid path forward and learned to make sound decisions that wouldn’t leave me straddling the fence between right and wrong, lawful or unlawful.

MEMOIR OF A PROMINENT SOUL chronicles my life and my journey to healing. Part memoir, part self-help, I share my story and the crucial steps and unforgiving hard work I put in to make a life for myself to inspire readers. I want to encourage all who are struggling to embrace their power, summon up their courage, and see life and its many flaws and successes through a new lens.

This book will spark an internal or external conversation about how you define your life, your ideals and principles, and to give you the tools you need to see events from a whole new perspective.

When your day-to-day life feels heavy, overburdened, and sometimes wrought with pain and heartache, MEMOIR OF A PROMINENT SOUL teaches you how to not only survive but thrive with dignity, grace, and your faith.

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