The Impact of Implants: My Journey Going from an A-Cup to a DD-Cup by A.B. Higgins

Have you ever looked in front of a mirror and wished to change a couple of things about your body?

I always thought I knew everything about my breasts. I frequently examined mine in the bathroom mirror before a shower. I observed everything, from their shape to the blemishes I was born with, but especially their size.

There was always a lingering feeling in my head about how I would look with bigger breasts. When I was young, my idea of beauty was curvaceous. I pictured a beautiful woman with large, plump, shapely breasts, an hourglass figure, and a big round butt. I wanted to be her! However, once I hit puberty, my body let me down.

As a woman who decided to get implants, I wish to pass on what I’ve learned during my journey. This is for anyone who was ever unhappy with a part of their body. Perhaps my book will also shed light on the meaning behind my decision to people who are unsure about breast augmentation surgery. Honest, fun, and insightful, The Impact of Implants is a guide to understanding breast implant surgery from a real-life perspective.

Inside this memoir, A.B. Higgins provides a comprehensive narrative of her experience before and after surgery and explains how breast augmentation gave her the boobs of her dreamswith zero regrets.