Aliens on Earth: The Day They Arrived by Nelson Angel

As a screenwriter, Nelson Angel decided to write a book in the same format; a book the readers can use their imagination as they go from page to page. He described places and information based on research made with authorities on this area to be accurate to the situation happening in the story. All this scientific research was added in a fiction story to stimulate readers imagination and creativity.

Humanity on the brink, aliens invading, would we survive?

We’re not ready for an alien invasion. But it doesn’t matter; they’re already here. How would humanity react? What happens as our everyday lives fall apart? What are the realities of this scenario?

And most importantly; if an advanced civilization invaded, would we survive?

Based on many hours of scientific research, this book strives to be as accurate as possible about what would happen during an alien invasion. With real-world locations, believable situations such as characters learning of an approaching space ship via the media, and realistic human responses, this book echoes reality.

Even the aliens are three-dimensional, realistic beings with motives, rich heritage, and their own emotions and behaviors. Using science, logic, and what top minds imagine would happen in the face of an invasion, the author takes us on a realistic fictional account that’ll keep you thinking long after you’ve read the final page.

Aliens on Earth: The Day They Arrived by Nelson Angel is available on Kindle and in paperback at Amazon.