The Congo Conspiracy: First Contact by Donavan Speight

With the election of the 49th President of the United States of America, NASA discovers an asteroid’s trajectory change course after passing the moon now headed for Earth. The staff at NASA tracking this potential cataclysm learn something else about this wandering star. They learn that it’s being guided by a means other than its own. The asteroid is intercepted by alien ships towing it into the heart of Africa before vanishing underneath a holographic projection of the Congo jungle. America sends in a drone to look for these aliens when they discover a hidden world deep beneath the planet’s hollow surface. After learning that mysterious beings have been living under their very noses this whole time, the new President sends in a group of special forces to make contact with the alien civilization living deep under the African jungles. The U.S. troops captured by these underground aliens after battling a horde of cave monsters and are to be taken to the King for judgement. But before the Americans go to meet this King of the underworld, the hidden kingdom goes to war with Satan and a group of banished fallen angels from heaven. The fallen angels formally known as the Watchers now aligned with Satan call themselves the Fallen Ones. The Fallen and Satan following a prophecy will stop at nothing to release their imprisoned angelic brethren and bring the war of Armageddon to fruition. Find out in book one in a new action packed political and spiritual thriller series called The Congo Conspiracy. This story is fully illustrated and is like a movie on paper. It gives an alternative narrative to the biblical scriptures and the people within them that’s pro black and brown. Besides a story, it also gives the authors worldview of how the United States operates, dabbles in conspiracy, politics, warfare and some historical facts that have been skewed.

The Congo Conspiracy: First Contact by Donavan Speight is available at Amazon on Kindle and in paperback.