Young Marco by David Wills

A distraught young woman called Natalie comes home to find a journal on her coffee table, accompanied by a note from its author. Initially angered by the gesture, she eventually becomes curious enough to read. What begins as a description of a young man experiencing loss, and subsequently leaving middle-class comfort for seclusion on a … Continue reading Young Marco by David Wills

6 Intrusions – Butterfly Defect by Jessica Lorenzi Conti

2122, the initial A reality that we know of our world and the history of our humanity was replaced by the septies reality as a result of the 7 parallels project which aimed to annihilate from our history 6 different key events. In this new reality, the result of the butterfly effect of 7 parallels, humanity … Continue reading 6 Intrusions – Butterfly Defect by Jessica Lorenzi Conti

The God Particle by Liam Stirling

No one has a monopoly on the truth... but no on has a monopoly on stupidity either! In the beginning was the Word... But for a fully functioning Multiverse, the Creator soon realised that spreadsheets and databases were probably an inevitability as well... Legion, a host of demons with serious beef against the Creator, is … Continue reading The God Particle by Liam Stirling