Appointment with Love by Ellisa Irving

Caliber “Cal” Weston is more interested in building his company, Weston Construction, than he is in building a relationship with a woman. When his best friend urges him to see a chiropractor to help with an injury, Cal is pretty skeptical but decides to give it a chance if it means it’ll also make his mom happy. One look at the gorgeous massage therapist the chiropractor hired and Cal’s ready for her hands on more than just his shoulder. 

Everleigh Davis wanted a fresh start in a new city after the death of her father. As a massage therapist at DiMaggio Chiropractic Center, she loves her job and the colorful cast of characters she works with are like the family she never had. The day Cal Weston, the handsome and rich businessman, walks into her massage room things start to get heated–namely Everleigh. When Everleigh gets some news that forces her to choose between Cal and her dreams, she will have to rethink everything that she ever thought she wanted.

Appointment with Love by Ellisa Irving is available at Amazon on Kindle.