Book Trailer Spotlight: Now Here: A Chance at New by DV Luna

Renewed vows, mixed emotions, and a new romance.

Marco put me through a lot over the past 15 years. No marriage is easy. That is what I tell myself all the time.
But I was determined to work on our problems and make our lives better. That’s why about four years ago, Marco and I renewed our vows. I thought this would finally bring me happiness. But for some reason, I’ve been asking myself if I still feel the same for him. He still struggles with his temper and a few other things, but it’s nothing compared to what he would put me through before.
But I feel like a different person now. I have so many new feelings coursing through my brain that have made me doubt the life I lead.

And now, someone really special has been helping me through all these emotions. This person really relates to my struggles and has helped me open my eyes a lot. Marco is my childhood sweetheart, and I can’t imagine life without him.
I don’t want to let him or our three children down, but my heart has strong feelings. Feelings that I am scared to see where they might take me. All I wanted was a chance at a new romance.

I am Now Here asking myself— if this is still meant to be.

Watch the Book Trailer below:

Now Here: A Chance at New is available at Amazon on Kindle and in paperback.