Shake The Lake by Zach Block

This Alternative Graphic Novel is a great comic book for the average person. You won’t find any super heros in Shake The Lake, instead it’s set in real life with a relatable action sports story about restless youth and endless summers. You’ll find Shake The Lake to be a very fun, very funny, and very entertaining read that everyone will enjoy. Poised for the young adult demographic, it’s sure to deliver a ton of laughs and nostalgia as you reminisce about the good old days spent chasing the sun with your best friends.

This comic series follows a crew of best friend wakeboarders as they navigate college, parties, and life.

A group of outsiders flip an Arizona lake town on its head attempting to rescue a bullied marina from snobby, yacht club encroachment by staging a mammoth, end-of-season, pro wakeboarding festival against the wishes of the town’s hardnosed park rangers.

Think Lords of Dogtown on the water with a bit of American Pie meets Wet Hot American Summer.
Shake The Lake Volume 1 of a 3 part realistic comic book series.
36 Sequential, Full-Color Pages

Callun and his best friends kick off summer with some kilt wakeboarding (no undies) and host a raucous house party at their lake house. Accused of having no direction, Cal’s girlfriend dumps him. The party spirals out of control and the next day, Callun is kicked out of his rental which jeopardizes the epic summer he and his friends had planned. Rather than move back home and work all season under the judging eye of his parents, Cal convinces his best friend Joe to pay for the group to road trip to Lake Victoria, Arizona where a childhood crush “Nika” can hook them up with jobs at her family’s Marina. Reluctantly, Joe agrees and the group find themselves on the move in search of the endless summer. They soon realize that it’s not all sunshine and rainbows on the road to paradise.

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