Book Review: Microwave Cookoff: All You Need to Know to Become a Masterchef by Luke Smith

Book Description:

Microwave Cook Off is more than just a recipe book. It dives into the background and techniques to get the most out of microwave cooking and sets you up to create new recipes that are delicious, fast and done with just a microwave.

Written by a busy professional for other busy people like you, this book also includes 185 recipes selected from cuisines around the globe to get you started. Whether you fancy a quick one pot pasta, rich chicken madras or irresistible chilli crabs, this book has got you covered. You will also find quick and delicious recipes for breakfasts, desserts and snacks along with creative ideas for lunchboxes.

With 185 recipes, you will never run out of ideas to satisfy every hungry moment as you embark on a journey to become a microwave master chef.

This is proper food done right with a microwave.

My Review:
“Microwave Cookoff: All You Need to Know to Become a Masterchef” isn’t a typical microwave cookbook, but an informative guide on how to cook in a microwave for beginners.  The book gives valuable information on everything about cooking in a microwave from what type of cookware and utensils to use to typical ways to cook in a microwave such as defrosting or boiling, heat settings and more. The author has also included many recipes for microwave cooking from mouthwatering full entrees to delicious sweet desserts.  The recipes include some typical microwave favorites like potatoes, oatmeal and eggs.  However, Smith goes the extra mile to give recipes and instruction on how to prepare food that may not typically be prepared in a microwave such as yummy burgers or comforting lobster bisque.  In addition to these recipes the author goes a step further and gives some useful tips about microwave cooking and includes a helpful shopping list conveniently located in the front of the book that lists the ingredients and spices used in the recipes in the book.  
I highly recommend this book to anyone new to microwave oven cooking as well as anyone looking for delicious recipes that can be prepared in a microwave oven.
Reviewed by Sarah Holloway

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