Book Review: Fanny Fun: A big lesbian drama in a small straight world by M. Cassol

Book Description:

Fanny Fun is a gripping novel that explores the ideas of bisexuality and lesbianism. Through an honest glimpse into the lives of the characters, readers are taken on journeys of self- love and discovery.

Everyone struggles against adversities, but the characters in this novel all handle them in a unique way that reflects each individual character’s personality. As they grow and mature they learn what they want in life and how to go about getting it.

The theme of acceptance is a strong one throughout the story. It gives readers a glimpse into the ways in which several characters have to face a reality that is not what they expected.

This story does not lack intrigue and mystery. The reader gets sucked into the story and starts caring about the fate of the characters. Easy to relate to, these characters could easily make a reader laugh, cry or gasp in shock and amazement.
Any woman that has ever struggled with her sexuality will be able to draw inspiration and guidance from this novel. Each character’s story is poignant and can serve as an example of the ways in which women can overcome the issues they struggle with.

Have you ever stopped to think about how your actions affect the world around you? A simple word, a reckless action, what would be their consequences? Our history metamorphoses regularly and we are the sparkle of every life’s chain reaction.

Fanny Fun is about connection and the impact of our decisions and how the world can become a small place on the eternal quest for love.
How many heartaches does it take to learn to choose the right person? And is the “right person” really the one?

Immerse yourself in this lesbian melodrama, following its domino effect around the world

My Review:

A captivating brilliant story! I found myself drawn into the deeply moving plot that takes the reader on a journey of exploration into bisexuality and lesbianism through the lives of characters that the author has well defined. The carefully crafted prose easily enabled me to visualize the events as they happened and felt as though I truly got to know the characters. For me, the sign of a good book isn’t just a page turner but a book that brings you to a place you don’t what to leave and this beautifully written novel does just that.   Filled with emotional ups and downs this coming of age drama is sure to be a favorite for people who love books in this genre.  I highly recommend!

Reviewed by Sarah Holloway, Blogger, Indie Book Reviews and News

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