Book Review: The Andromeda Project (The Cluster Chronicles) (Volume 1) by Jason Michael Primrose

Book Description:

An alien has escaped a war raging in the Andromeda Galaxy and sought temporary refuge in the Milky Way, 2.5 million light years from his enemies. But his arrival into the Sun System means our immediate future has one of two results, human evolution or extinction. The fallen King warns of ancient power hidden beneath Earth’s crust. The world’s strongest governments form “the Andromeda Project” to fund an initiative to obtain a power they can’t UNDERSTAND or CONTROL. This power holds the key to much needed advancement in human capabilities. Time is running out, we must evolve. In 2026 A.D., over thirty years after “the arrival”, Allister Adams faces all of the woes of young adulthood; Amnesia from childhood trauma, an emotionally distant mother and the loss of purpose that comes with being stifled by peers and authorities. In a final effort, the secret organization has approached Allister to see if he qualifies for their group of recruits tasked with locating the ancient power hidden on Earth. But the Andromeda Project isn’t the only organization after it and they aren’t the only organization after Allister either. How can Allister decide between who’s right, who’s wrong and what’s necessary? THERE ARE NO HEROES. THERE ARE NO VILLAINS. THERE IS ONLY SELF-PRESERVATION.

My Review:

A gripping novel from Jason Michael Primrose, that will grab and lock you in your seat, from page one to the last page, and leave you begging for the next book. It is an intense and compelling story with characters that are vivid and jump from the pages.   The concept of human evolution or extinction after an alien takeover in a future world is explored in this sci-fi thriller.  Although this is science fiction the author has woven together a story that leads the reader through an unusual, yet somehow believable journey of a desolate future of the human race.  Extremely well written, engaging, witty and terrifying in turn, this book has a fast paced plot that will keep you guessing and surprises are around every corner.  I found myself completely captivated by the lives of the complex yet memorable characters in this dark dramatic tale of desperation and survival.  This book is a great read for any science fiction reader with fresh well developed characters, prose and excitement on every page!
If you are the type of person who reads to escape the world, this book will take you someplace you’ve never been with a surprising twist.  I highly recommend!
Reviewed by Sarah Holloway

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