Book Review: A White Pisspective: The Litmus Test by FP King

Book Description:

What is the unfiltered black perspective on race and racism versus the white perspective? What is Racism anyway? How did it start? Why? Who is the branding and advertising manager of race? Can black people be racist? How many racial stereotypes do you hold true regardless of your racial group? Are they true? How did those stereotypes come to being? The real effects of racism!

Superiority and inferiority, Eugenics, sexuality and race plus more. This eBook is a no holds barred scrutiny of this social ill; drawing from history, present day and statistical data. As harshly honest as it is, it aims to be progressive hence encourages all races to pick up a copy.

My Review:

Thought provoking and filled with sharp insight about racism that readers will find relevant to the current social structure of race relations in America today.  The author has crafted this story with a skillful combination of information from both the past and present to raise awareness about the problem of racism in our society.   An informative read that will inspire conversations about race for many years to come, I highly recommend!

Reviewed by Sarah Holloway

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