Book Review: Smuggler’s Empire by Thomas Falco

Book Description:
Jacob Melby leaves England for Baltimore in 1761, hopeful of a new life and the chance to make his fortune. Finding work hard to come by, he turns to stealing and smuggling to make a living and then uses the money he makes as a stake in various businesses. But when war between the colonies and the British Empire breaks out in 1775, Jacob find a clash of loyalties between his old home and his new and his business interests begin to suffer. When a friend suggests producing lead shots and stockpiling them until one side or the other approaches him, Jacob leaps at the idea. Before long he has the ear of Henry Knox and is supplying the Continental Army with everything they need. He increases his production of flour and provides all the shot and uniforms he can. But the war is still a long way from its conclusion. Can Jacob save his flourishing business and stay alive? Will his assistance make a difference in the war? Or will his empire come crashing down and bury him in its ruins?
My Review:
Gripping and well written! This historical fiction book held my attention literally from the first paragraph to last. The author writes in a very sophisticated and polished way that is also highly readable. The depth and quality of his writing engages the reader instantly and is well suited to this kind of fast moving story. Set in the late 1700’s, the story concerns Jacob Melby’s search and accumulation of the American dream through hard work and unforeseen opportunities. This story could have been predictable; however, the author chose a refreshingly different twist to show the humanitarian spirit in Jacob Melby as well as his business acumen.  I found the plot interesting throughout, and it is certainly developed in many unexpected ways.  There is an authenticity to the historical and geographical background that adds a great deal to the believability of the narrative. I highly recommend this book for anyone who loves a great historical fiction read!
Reviewed by Sarah Holloway, Blogger, Indie Book Reviews and News

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