Book Review: Court On Mount High by Amos

Book Description:
Court On Mount High is an invigorating novelette that will inflame and mobilize a passion for the animal kingdom and the environment which we mutually inhabit, The characters, acting upon a driving need for change, evoke a universal hope for the future.

My Review:This cleverly crafted story gives an enlightening view to our role as humans in relation to animals and the environment from an unusual perspective.  I thoroughly enjoyed this inspiring book as it was eye opening, enthralling and filled with a message that encourages the reader to think about the importance of the rights of animals and our changing environment.

The main character, David is a vulture, and although I would not normally find myself feeling compassion for a vulture the author weaves David’s story in a way that warmed my heart towards this character and his plight for ultimately a better world. There’s a lot to like about this spiritually uplifting story such as its distinctive characters and a meaningful detailed plot that keeps the story moving and the reader’s attention. The author did an excellent job building a plot that is brilliant, thought provoking and filled with sharp insight that readers will find pertinent to the current environment today.

I encourage anyone who cares about animals and our environment to read this book; because, it’s a fantastic story, extremely well written and held my interest from start to finish. I hope you take as much away from this story as I did.

Reviewed by Sarah Holloway

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