Featured Book: Between the Stars and Sky By David James

Book Description

Between the Stars and Sky is a vivid contemporary novel from Young Adult author David James.

In the small, lakeside town of Huntington, the Firelight Festival marks the end of summer. A time to laugh, to live, to love. And for Jackson Grant, it is a chance to begin again.
But there is a darker side to the Firelight Festival, a deadly tradition known as the Firelight Fall. A secret game. A legendary lie. A test of bravery. Those who fall risk everything, and Jackson is on the edge. Until he meets a girl who pushes him over.
For Jackson, falling for Sarah Blake might be as dangerous as jumping in the Firelight Fall. As summer burns away, Jackson and Sarah ignite an unstoppable love game. For her, his heart is on fire. And soon, Sarah shows him life, saves him from loss, and opens his heart to an infinite and wild love found between the stars and sky.
Lyrical and deeply romantic, Between the Stars and Sky is a poetic and heart-stopping read for fans of Lauren Oliver, Gayle Forman, and E. Lockhart.
Amazon Book Reviews:
“If a one word review were okay I would just tell you, Between the Stars and Sky is BEAUTIFUL , and to go buy it! But I want to gush about David James’ new book just a bit more than that. This book takes you through the emotions of loss, Jackson’s dealing with it, finding who HE is and then finding love. I was BLOWN, BLOWN away at the emotions that I felt in this book. Yes there are books that make you cry in parts and laugh in parts, but Between the Stars and Sky is different. David James takes you through every emotion possible! I was gutted by parts and left with a sweet smile at the end. To me Jackson is not like any other male character you read. He feels deeply and David writes his words so poetically that you find yourself saying, “Is there someone out there like Jackson?”. If there was they need hug!!! I love LOVED this book. It was so different than David James’ Light of the Moon series. It is also a very refreshing love and loss story. I say you should go get it now. Don’t wait. Just get it and fall in LOVE with the words David James puts to the pages of Between the Stars and Sky.” – Christina
“This was a different sort of book for me. The author has created something unusual, but beautiful. That is, a heart-wrenching story is relayed in waves of poetry and jaunty snatches of thought, feeling and emotion. I was altogether blown away by this style of writing, though admittedly it took a little getting used to. As an author, I understand why Mr. James wrote in this fashion: by stripping out much of the prose reserved for creating a setting and describing a play-by-play of the characters’ actions, he has forced his readers to look past the surface and focus head-on at the emotions and feelings of the characters. I find this to be entirely brave, highly creative, and an altogether unique way to lay down a story. Honestly, kudos to Mr. James for trying something so different. That takes bravery and I recognize and applaud this author for this: his unapologetic courage in sharing a story that came from his heart, in a way he thought he would be told best. I recommend this book for anyone looking for a non-cliche love story told in a unique way that will draw your heart into the lives of some remarkable and unforgettable characters, Well done, Mr. James.” – M.L.