Book Review: The Eyes of Vengeance (The Kennedy O’Brien Mysteries Book 2)

Book Description:
What happens in Vegas— Could be Murder…
Someone is methodically killing past members of The Consortium, a defunct

group of ruthless businessmen. They’d made their fortunes buying and selling prime Las Vegas real estate during the era that saw the beginnings of the mega casino and luxury hotels. Homicide Detective, Kennedy O’Brien and her temporary partner, Reno Homicide Detective Hunt, race to stop a killer who claims a new victim every forty-eight hours. The search for clues seems easy—too easy Kennedy suspects.

While chasing the killer, Kennedy must try to control hot-headed Detective Hunt, who is hell-bent on finding out who killed his best friend’s father, the first victim. At the same time, she has to deal with a jealous Nick Campenelli, whom she may or may not be in a relationship with. Nick isn’t happy with Kennedy spending so much time in close contact with the very smitten, Detective Hunt. Tossed into the mix are her retired cop grandfather, her self-appointed personal slave, Elvis, and a boss who is demanding answers.
All reminders of why Kennedy doesn’t do relationships!
Review by Sarah Holloway:
Mystery, action, romance and an original plot can all be found in this intriguing sequel to “The Eyes Die Last”.  “The Eyes of Vengeance” by Author Teri Riggs is an astounding piece of literature that swept me away for three nights on end.  Since this is a sequel, the characters do not have much introduction; however, the characters are well developed and the story is exciting from the very beginning.   This murder mystery kept me on the edge of my seat as the main character, Kennedy O’Brien was on the hunt to capture a killer.  The chemistry between Nick and Kennedy was enthralling and endearing characters, Elvis and Grandpa, add a lot of humor to the story.   
If you are an avid reader of romance, mystery, suspense or thrillers then look no further because this book is for you.  This captivating novel has too many twists and turns to mention and the humor and romance mixed in will have you wanting more.    Rigg’s has an outstanding writing style, riveting character development and this story is a page turner from beginning to end.  I highly recommend this book!