Book Spotlight: Love by Deception: A harrowing true story of love and betrayal by K Barnard

Meet K.C. a gregarious, fun loving woman in her thirties. With an abundance of friends, and an enviable position as a jet-setting stewardess in the prestigious world of private aviation, she seems to have it all….but does she?

Love by Deception is a compelling read of how meeting the wrong person can bring not only heartache, but real devastation in the most brutal of ways. We follow K.C.’s turmoil, as we unravel her disastrous relationships where she becomes the unwitting victim to four extremely cruel men.

Throughout K.C.’s journey she is determined to never allow anyone to break her spirit.

About the Author:
K Barnard published Love by Deception to raise awareness on the hushed subject of domestic violence. It will give you a raw eye-opening insight into the harsh realities of love and its destruction. My identity has been concealed, and if you read my book you will understand why. During my most harrowing recollections, I have tried to adapt a light-hearted manner with sprinklings of humour, so the reader is able to connect with me without any pity. I am currently working as a VIP flight attendant for a Saudi Arabian Royal Family. My ambition would be to hold seminars in schools for vulnerable teenagers to warn them about the dangers of dating controlling partners. Thank you for taking the time to read my reviews and hopefully order my book. P.S. Love by Deception wrote itself during a cathartic 3 year journey, and was simply created from feelings of injustice and frustration – so if you are looking for a literary masterpiece this book would not be for you.


“I feel strongly that ten years from now, we’ll be hearing K. Barnard’s name often and recalling the experience of reading Love by Deception like we recall a poignant life memory. I certainly hope, at least, that this is not the last we hear of this author. She has a gift for authenticity and raw storytelling which is both fresh and palpably captivating. The story of KC is heart-wrenchingly beautiful, jarringly and abrasively attention-commanding, and it earned the compliment every good author attains to, which is: “I couldn’t put this book down!”

Thank you for such a compelling, thought-provoking read, as well as for an unforgettable experience. “– M.L., Amazon Reviews

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