Book Trailer Spotlight: TRIBES by Mia Frances

Alex is taking her sisters and their kids to her camp in the Adirondacks, when the unthinkable happens. The radio warns them the country is under attack and they must seek immediate shelter. Greeted by guns and bullets when they try to find refuge, they are forced to hide in a cave to wait out the fallout. After two weeks in their dank hole, they’re wasting away from starvation. Things are made worse when Alex discovers her sisters have gone. They’ve taken the rented minibus, abandoned their children, and returned to the city in search of their husbands, leaving Alex to care for her seven nieces and nephews. It’s an arduous 35-mile hike through the mountains to her camp. Alex worries the kids won’t survive the ordeal…but they do! It’s a journey through hell. Society is disintegrating. Chaos reigns as looters, murderers, and rapists now hold sway. The hamlets and villages they pass through have been turned into killing fields as armed survivors battle each other for the few remaining supplies. Along the way, Alex rescues two orphans whose mother was murdered by the marauders. In her struggle to keep the children alive, Alex stumbles on a hidden cache of food only to discover it’s guarded by a man who’ll haunt her nightmares. Half guardian angel, half demon. Both barbarian and benefactor. A strange mixture of brutality and gentleness, cruelty and caring. A man named Wolf!

Watch the trailer below:

TRIBES by Mia Frances is available at Amazon on Kindle and in paperback.