Business Stories: Collection of Short Stories

“Business is like a machine, it continues to function, irrespective…”
The business world is often left untouched. It’s not every day that you find a workplace story that showcases what it’s like to have just a regular day at work or what it’s like to simply live life.
Get lost in a collection of short stories that all revolve around the business world — each story is short but sweet and is meant to make you laugh, feel seen, or even be inspired.

With stories that are written with the perfect touch of realism and relatability, you’ll surely be unable to put this book down!

Whether you’ve only got a couple of minutes to spare, or you’ve got a free day ahead of you, this book is the perfect companion to relax, unwind, and go on a literary journey.

Find a variety of authors including; Gary Levi, Dominic Dayta, Stephanie Miller, and Eric Gershman, just to name a few. Each author comes with their own sense of style and experience to deliver 19 unique business short stories that will stick with you even after you put the book down.

Leave all the stress, anxiety, and drama of the real world behind and let yourself get swept away in these short stories!

Business Stories: Collection of Short stories is available on Kindle and in paperback on Amazon.


Samuel Glover
Emily Moorhead
Mark Robinson
Dave Newman
Gary Levi
Veda Tuscanes
Suzanne Eaton
Dominic Data
Robert Feder
Faiza Chowdhury
Stephanie Miller
Robert Cantillon
Deepak Vedarthan
Kristie X. Aussubel
Eric Gershman
Pam Zerba
Ryan Titsing
Samantha Steiner