Faded Yellow Ribbon by Ryan Kelly

The Untold Story of the Brave Men Who Endured the Greatest Survival Story of World War II. Inspired by a true Story.

A turbulent air of nostalgia envelops the therapist’s office in which Marine Lance Corporal Mel Sheya sits.

He does not speak yet, but the lingering damage war cedes to its survivors is palpable, as seen in our returning veterans today.

In a moment, Mel surrenders to a sudden melancholy — one conjured after fifty years of silence. He loses himself into the narrative of what happened to him and his four best friends on his Odyssean journey through the Pacific Theatre of Operations during World War II.

Faded Yellow Ribbon” is an epic, character-driven story of war, its survivors, and its immediate and enduring costs.

Inspired by Mel’s true story, this fictionalized book for “the forgotten” is sprinkled heavily with heavily researched, historically accurate events, names, places, and battles. Readers will recognize dates, cities, camps, and other true accounts that US soldiers faced when deployed in the Pacific Theater during World War II.

This dramatized yet raw retelling speaks volumes of human resilience, courage, and friendships only known to a few — now ready for the consumption of those who dare explore what Mel and his four best friends endured and desperately try to forget.

Faded Yellow Ribbon is available on Kindle and in paperback at Amazon and at ryankellyauthor.com