An Insight Into Top 5 Book Awards for Indie Authors

Book awards are a great honor for authors. Nowadays, book awards for indie authors are giving significant recognition to self-published authors. With their awards for books, indie authors can also stir up media attention and support their book sales.

Here are some top book awards for authors you should learn more about:

1.    USA Best Book Award

This is one of the best book awards with over ten years of experience honoring authors. This book award is also promoting books to the international and national community. American Book Fest sponsors this contest. This award mainly focuses on independent, self-published, and mainstream books.

2.    The International Book Award

This Award for books has been designed specifically as a promotional solution for authors. It helps publishers and authors open global market opportunities and successfully launch their careers.

Talented authors and publishers compete from throughout the world. Winners of this one of the leading book awards for indie authors get massive social media promotion, public relations campaigns, etc.

3.    The International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award

This is another one of the most popular awards for books. The City Council of Dublin sponsors this award every year. It has been presented since 1994. However, the award has high-literary merit, and the winner receives a €100,000 cash prize.

More than 400 nominated libraries globally can nominate their books for consideration. The call for nominations starts every year in February and March. At the same time, the deadline is in May.

4.    Chanticleer International Book Award

The winner of this book award receives a cash prize of $1,000 cash along with other awards. CIBA awards about $30,000 cash and multiple prizes to authors every year. It accepts authors in 15 genres. Most of these include M&M for mystery, CYGNUS for SciFiction, Literary Somerset, and many more.

Many of the winners of this book award have received extensive publishing contracts (approx. 6-figure deals). Moreover, two winners have also had their books optioned for films. Participating in Chanticleer International Book Awards can benefit you in multiple ways.

5.    The Best Indie Book Award

This award is also known as BIBA. This book award for indie authors is self-sponsored. It honors exceptional fiction and nonfiction work annually. Categories for this award are divided into genres. It also includes awards for best book cover design and best illustration.

The BIBA winners receive a glass trophy. The winners also get their winning book promotion across newsletters, press releases, and social media platforms. Submissions for this award open from January every year to mid-October annually. University presses, self-published authors, and independent authors are the leading sources that can submit their work for recognition here. 


This article mentions the top awards for books that indie authors, publishers, and presses can partake in. It’s always necessary to understand the requirements of all the book awards to determine whether you’re eligible for the category. Fortunately, participating in these awards will give you international recognition and more exposure to your creative writing.