Shackles Released: A CPA’s Journey From Prestige To Prison by Jacqueline Neely Morrison

From prestige to a draconian prison sentence, this is an intriguing true-life saga of one woman’s inspirational rise from the cotton fields in the back country region of Moro, Arkansas to executive boardrooms as a decorated CPA in Corporate America, and on to the heights of entrepreneurial success as the owner of an extremely large tax office. But as soon as she obtained the exceptional american dream, she is confronted with the brutal reality of the fragility of her freedom as a black woman in America daring to reach too high. Her story takes a sudden and dark turn when one IRS federal agent fixed his gaze on her success with a relentless determination to orchestrate her demise. Her story takes a real candid look at the painfully disturbing reality our broken criminal justice system and its mass-incarceration machine that feeds on its own citizens, with a particularly insatiable appetite for those of African American descent.

Shackles released is available at Amazon on Kindle, in paperback and hardcover. Download on Kindle 3/11 and 3/12 for only $.99.