Book Video Trailer Spotlight: Mirror Mirror by Zenobia Drummer

This book tells a story of a couple, that fell in love, overcame challenges and learned valuable lessons to win in love. Like in a magic mirror, we take a look at ourselves, and recognize our own flaws that could destroy a love affair. So, we turn to the Mirror” take a look at what we see, our own responsibilities. Keeping in mind that Evil can live within us all, lying dormant like a vampire in the daylight, seeking out its victims come dusk. We want to see our true reflection, it’s when there is no reflection, that we fight off the desire to become the vampire, in the Mirror. Living, and growing in our own foundation, I met the love of my life, Jonah, determined to succeed, we turned to… “The Mirror”. Watch the trailer here:

We want to be seen by those around us as this perfect being, but we reflect in a way that only the Mirror can display our true image; although it does not pass judgment or criticism, it sees the beauty and the evils within. Although the Mirror reflects these images, we still crave the need for others to see our good, but we must face what could be lurking in the dark. Something lies much deeper, that only a true reflection can see, an image that is greater than our very being. It is the Mirror that gives us a different depiction, and a clearer reflection, of what we have failed to see. You can rediscover yourself, the new you, and challenge your demons. The Mirror can help you envision, resolve the unresolved, discover who you are and who you can become. Create a new phase in your life, reignite and KILL the Vampire in the Mirror.

As we capture a small glimpse of our reflection, it can consume you. You try to maintain your dignity, while keeping its overwhelming beauty present. Holding a true intimate reflection, the Mirror is a place one can become lost in their own image. Take a look in the mirror, don’t get trapped, ask it to release you of all your demons and guide you to a safe place, outside “The Mirror”.

The writer wanted to take the realities of today, and incorporate helpful tips, and strategies that can enhance the lives of others. A new fictional writer with her education studies in History, and prides herself in new experiences, and learned to create a balance in her everyday life. She determined it’s far more important to focus on the end game; working together, and enjoying others around us, especially in relationships. Fascinated by the history of Vampires she incorporates vampire analogies into her stories. The Mirror derived from her own experiences, in a quest to help others with her writing.

Mirror Mirror will be available in March 2022 at Amazon | Barnes and Noble | Abebooks | Audible!