Do My Business Taxes Please by KiKi Canniff

If you use a tax preparer to prepare your annual business taxes this is the book for you! 

The tax season is here, and with it comes a tax frenzy for the entrepreneur owning a small business. This book ends that problem for good.

DO MY BUSINESS TAXES PLEASE: A Financial Organizer for Self-Employed Individuals & Their Tax Preparers is a great book for any self-employed independent business owner looking for an easy way to deal with their tax preparer when annual taxes need to be done!

No matter how good a tax preparer is, they can only be as good as the information the business owner provides.

Do My Business Taxes Please, by KiKi Canniff, simplifies IRS tax laws as they apply to self-employed people, and teaches them a simple method for getting every tax deduction allowed by the IRS.

This book allows the independent business owner to give the tax preparer everything they need, to get an accurate return done for them. Simple forms are included in this book, that a person can fill out and take directly to their tax preparer when they go.

KiKi Canniff writes books about the federal tax rules and explains them in simple terms. This book is great for the current tax season, for anyone working with a tax preparer to get their return done right!

The author also writes a line of tax books for people wanting to know more about their industry. All of them can be seen at

DO MY BUSINESS TAXES PLEASE is available at Amazon in paper back.