Be Kind to Lily by Julia Westphal

Lily is a loving household pet who loves attention. She is here to teach your young ones how to treat animals like herself and others who may not always love attention.

Teach your children how to respect the boundaries of pets
We all love animals, especially children. But does your child understand how to interact with a pet? This book will easily help guide children to have an easy understanding of why it is important to always be gentle with animals.

Being gentle with animals is important but this book will also show your children that animals need time to themselves and some signs to look out for that indicate this.

While some animals can deal with some levels of being touched, some do not want physical attention at all. Learning to wait for an animal to be okay or having to accept leaving the pet alone entirely is something vital for everyone, not just children to learn.

Enjoy letting Lily guide the way!

Be Kind to Lily is available at Amazon on Kindle and in paper back.