25 Books Everyone Should Read

Reading books is important. Reading stories help the mind to develop. It sparks our imagination, improves vocabulary, and broadens our horizons. Exposure to a variety of different books increases the IQ and stimulates the muscles of the eyes. Reading also stimulates emotional development, and cultivates sensitivity, and empathy. It builds confidence and improves our ability to have interesting conversations. Moreover, it teaches moral values, entertains, and it is relaxing.

Books are essential because reading them develops the mind and improves the quality of our lives and the quality of the attention we pay to the things and people in our daily lives. It changes our ways of engaging with people and how we live in the world. Additionally, reading provides us with a different lense through which we can examine ourselves. Here is a list of 25 books you probably should have read already and if you haven’t, it’s never too late.

Think about all the books you have read and how they have influenced your life. What book do you think everyone should read, not necessarily because it’s your personal favorite but because it has important ideas?  Leave your answer in the comment section below.