7 Enchanting Library Bookshelves to get Lost into this Weekend

While surfing the internet this week I came across some very interesting pictures of cool library’s and bookshelves. I have to apologize in advance, because I didn’t get the name or location of any of these online, but if you happen to know where they are please leave the name and location in the comment section below. Also where are some of your favorite libraries and why do you like them? Leave your answer in comments below.

1. College Life

I’m assuming this is a very old University library. At least it looks like one with several floors and bookcases you could literally get lost in there for days.

2. Magical Adventures

There is something magical about old books. Maybe its all the lost information and details that we take for granted these days.

3. Swirls of Fun

An illusion using the book cases looking into a downward spiral of color. It reminds me of a kaleidoscope.

4. Modern Day Twist

Most definitely a modern twist on a library design. The curves an soft light make you want to find a chair in the corner and get lost in a book.

5. Ancient Knowledge

This looks like it belongs in a very old church or even an old University.

6. The Upside Down

This picture is so intriguing because of the illusion it creates. Are you looking up or down?

7. Lost and Found

There’s nothing like getting lost among disorganized bookshelves and finding an amazing book.

I hope you enjoyed these pictures and got inspired to go find a library to get lost inside of this weekend!