The Guardians of Orisha: The Hidden Stones by Isaac Jean-Paul

The Guardians of Orisha is a story of the inner and outward battle of truth and self-discovery. This story highlights the hidden potential power of two marginalized groups and their individual cultures. One fateful day, three stones known as the Ancestor Stones were sent down from the heavens, searching for the noblest. The Ancestor Stones are stones that hold the powers of African Gods and Goddesses. These powers were used to protect humanity from an evil that threatens the purity of the Orisha. One day the stones and their powers were lost during a battle in the effort to defeat evil. Centuries later, the stones are called upon yet again because a new evil has emerged. Follow the endless journey of three extraordinary women as they discover their hidden potential while learning about being descendants of ancient African royalty and as the new Guardians of Orisha.

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