Miss Tracy’s, I Need Screen Time! by Tracy Clinton

Tristan does not like to do tasks around the house, like picking up his toys or walking the dog. He wants to spend all of his time playing games and watching videos. His mommy is fed up with Tristan’s lack of responsibility. She takes his screen time away; this makes Tristan very upset. He makes a wish to get his screen time back. Suddenly, Miss Tracy appears. She shows Tristan how to use her magic TO DO list. Tristan is excited, and with every TO DO he does on the list, he magically gains screen time.

Miss Tracy’s, I Need Screen Time! is designed to teach your child how to use a time allowance chart. This is a way to use their currency, whether they enjoy screen time, outside time, or something else. The Miss Tracy TO DO lists, use that currency as an allowance to do their chores. For more information check out @RealMissTracy on Facebook.

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