A Life of Lifting with Mike Dudley

Michael Dudley may not be a household name, but his story is one worth sharing. Filled though it is with singular chapters, cut though it does across the globe, a common theme proves fundamental. Namely, the pursuit of strength in every noble form. A New Jersey native, Michael’s first passion was the World Wrestling Entertainment, and this early interest paved the way for sprawling adventures to come. Strength training led to further trials: deployment with the U.S. Navy, being stationed overseas, and fighting to maintain his vigor. Ultimately, Michael would compete upon a global stage, competing via bench press, pushing obstacles aside. Strength is more than muscle. Strength is dedication, motivation, blood and sweat, and fortitude. It’s built on pain and bound by love. A strongman needn’t seek to be ‘the best’ but ever better. Michael’s tale is such . . . and one of weighty inspiration.

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