Jemima WOW! Journey To The Float Zone by Eva Zonnios

This story takes you on an exciting journey that follows Jemima into her extraordinary discovery of the float-zone. For Jemima, it’s her chance to make a real difference – whether she wants to or not! When Jemima’s bike turns into a port between her (real time) world and the float-zone, life suddenly takes on an unexpected twist. Before she has time to realise what is happening, Jemima finds herself in a new reality where she meets Sampson, her time-traveling companion. Travel along with Jemima as she enters an alternate dimension and has the chance to become a real hero and help save her world from a terrible fate.

Jemima WOW! is the perfect length for young readers who want to enjoy the challenge of reading through a novel without feeling overcome by the size of the book. At the reasonable size of 144 pages, Jemima WOW! could even be classified as a short read, especially if it was for audiences who are older than the intended audience of 8 – 12 years, – who have also been known to enjoy it.

Jemima WOW! is part of the Eva Zonnios Children’s Collection

Author Eva Zonnios is the writer of fiction and non-fiction books found on Amazon and Goodreads. Currently, her fiction work focuses on children’s books. What makes Eva’s books special is that her collection of work that is thought-provoking in some way. Her books all offer the opportunity for conversation and open up questions about how we think, act and feel.

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