Take Me With You by Erica Isotta

A young woman’s journey through Europe and through the depths of her own soul…until she allows love to change her life.

22-year-old Erica travels – or, if she’s being honest, flees – throughout Europe, while doing her best not to face her problems. The countless people she meets are basically means to an end, for Erica keeps locking herself in one meaningless relationship after another, all to avoid confronting herself.

And then she meets Andrea.

All the others before him were shadows, ambiguous characters that Ionesco or Beckett might have come up with. But Andrea? He’s something else. He’s real. What happens between them is real. And Erica knows it well.

She also knows that her journey has turned into something else, into a path far more complex than running from herself or just always being “on the road”: she’s learning to accept herself and becoming more aware of her own independence. For the first time after a very long while, Erica is no longer judging others – and she’s beginning to look at herself with critical eyes.

However, is all of it going to be enough for the love to win?

And does love always win, as some people believe?

Inspired by a real story, but not an ordinary travel diary – or an ordinary romance – Take Me With You will take you on an unexpected journey and an intense rollercoaster of emotions, and show you the most important lesson one can learn from love.

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