Being Abused While Teleworking During Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Pandemic: A Safety Guide for Victims of Domestic Abuse/Violence & Awareness for Bystanders by Mildred D. Muhammad

COVID-19 has changed the way American business owners operate their businesses. Now that teleworking is a reality, domestic abuse/violence cases are rising. Leaving the home to go to work offered a sense of relief to victims. What will they do now?

Seclusion of victims of domestic abuse and violence has sparked the need for new measures since it is unclear how long teleworking will continue at this level.

As the ex-wife of the DC Sniper, Mildred wrote this guide that will address the abuses victims of domestic abuse and violence are facing during this pandemic. She understands the danger to the victims’ safety and hopes that bystanders will assist them because it is imperative. Also keep in mind that domestic violence is a worldwide epidemic.

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