The Focused You: An Insight to Meditation to Boost Productivity: Become More Mindful, Increase Concentration, Memory, and Peace to Be Productive at Work by Anna Lhatse

Does your mind feel overworked? Do you feel like you are always stressed out? Do you think that your productivity levels have declined? Do you easily get distracted? Has work started to bore you?

What you need is a little bit of “me-time” to collect your thoughts, prioritize them, and be at peace.

Meditation is an ancient practice dating back some 3,000 years. It has proven to be effective in treating chronic pain, reducing stress, and improving one’s focus and attention. In The Focused You: An Insight to Meditation to Boost Productivity, we offer readers a chance to get started and reward themselves with a better quality of life. Meditation has helped and continues to help millions across the globe with its promise of serenity and peace. It can calm a cluttered mind, put the body in a relaxed state by alleviating stress, improve memory, and offer mental clarity to those who seek to boost productivity.

Packed with research-backed studies and papers, this informative and engaging read is for anyone who wants to start meditating but always falls short because they don’t know what to expect. From discussing which techniques are best for beginners, to how to actually meditate in a step-by-step manner, this book is the guide you have been looking for.

May your journey with meditation be a fulfilling one.

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