Craft Your Calling: A 30-day Warm Up Before Your Training Begins by Marc Casciani

Are you tired of buying books, purchasing videos and subscribing to self-help services that don’t deliver?

Self-help books often suggest steps to discover the purpose of life but they often fall short in helping readers grow.

In Craft Your Calling, author and teacher Marc Casciani takes the learner-centric approach and holds your hands so you can start and finish your personal development journey.

The secret to achieving something great is not through education or skills but by living a purpose driven life. To do this, you must find your calling.

There are so many opportunities out there that can distract you from your life’s purpose. Understanding your life calling will help you live a fulfilled and happy life.

A calling is a worthy occupation where you can derive meaning. It requires hunger and passion. It leverages the one true gift we have. We’re all here for a reason.

Before you were born, God already had plans for your life. It is your duty to discover the life he created for you to live and this is what Craft Your Calling will help you do.

This book will take you through a 30-day warm-up to prepare you to find your calling and pave the way for you to transform your life.

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