Angela Adisa. Origin: Undefined by Age Colour or Gender by Chris Lewis

Angela is a grandmother, in her eighties, who is a master baker and hugger. She doesn’t like her protective family to worry, so her gun and secret missions are hidden. This is the first book in the Angela Adisa series. Find out how this ex-scientist and woman of colour, came out of retirement to become a secret agent.

Life took an unexpected turn, for Angela, after an accident and a fire. She was recruited by ‘The Bridge Club’ – the secret defender of world peace. She decided to train as a field agent and be in the thick of the action. Angela’s first mission is considered low risk until it clashed with a ‘Rise Above All Weakness’ (RAAW) horrific sabotage plot. Now it’s time to use her wits, misconceptions to her advantage and fight if she has to.

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