Book Review: "Burnt Orange" by Author Meiah Shaun

About the Book:
A coming-of-age story of Erin and Erika, Texas twins in an abusive home in a town segregated by white and black color lines, who are wounded by the revealing of a shocking family secret and long to escape their circumstances and erase what they have been labeled. Follow their journey in this compelling novel filled with inspiration and triumph.

My Review:
Burnt Orange is a truly incredible read. The author shares this deeply emotional story in a well-written, detailed, and engaging text that ropes the reader in from page 1. Meiah Shaun brings authenticity and vulnerability to each page of this novel as the story of Erika and Erin unfolds. The girls, who are 11- year-old twins when the story begins, are victims of abuse and segregation. Meiah Shaun paints a descriptive picture of what life was like in Texas at this time, as well as what it was like to be a middle schooler, teenager, and young woman in these circumstances. The reader is fully immersed into the world of the narrator from beginning to end, and everyone will relate to the struggles of coming-of-age in this novel, regardless of background. As we watch Erin mature and grow into a grown woman, a message of positivity spreads through each page to the end of the novel. Themes of overcoming adversity and circumstance, the importance of family, and the real-life experiences of growing up make this book so emotional and entertaining to read. It was amazing to read about Erin and Erika overcoming their difficult childhood to live positive and fulfilling lives as adults. I loved reading this book and watching the characters grow through the chapters. The journey of their lives was emotional, powerful, and beautiful and readers will be lucky to experience it. This is definitely a read you won’t regret.

Reviewed by: Taylor Dino

About the Author

Meiah Shaun pens fiction, non-fiction and plays with faith-based messages linking her personal life experiences with spiritual life lessons. She’s a native of Orange, Texas and currently resides in the Dallas, Texas area. Her anticipated new release “Burnt Orange” is an inspirational coming-of-age story. In addition to writing, she’s an avid reader, a foodie, loves flowers and shoe shopping.

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