The Lifestyle Diet: Lose Fat while Eating Anything by Lee Isaac

Tired of diets that you can’t stick to?

We all are. Every day we are slammed with an overwhelming amount of information on the newest diet. How many diets have we all started only to fall off a week later?

But this isn’t your fault. The problem is that diets are set up for you to fail. They have unrealistic expectations and guidelines. They require you to live in ways that are completely foreign to your normal habits.

Do you wonder if there is an end in sight? Are you ready to step off the hamster wheel and start a diet that is SUSTAINABLE?

Well, I’m here to lay out the “Lifestyle Diet”. In fact, it isn’t even a diet at all! It is simply showing you how to incorporate the foods you eat every day into a plan to lose weight.

As a psychology doctoral student, I understand the importance of the mind, motivation, and satisfaction with your diet. I show you a simple, but scientifically supported way of losing that extra weight. This ‘diet’ takes all of this into account!
Why the Lifestyle Diet?

The Lifestyle diet is designed to help you live healthily, lose fat, and be happy. The lifestyle diet is designed to allow you to incorporate it into your everyday life. It is a diet designed around fitting your normal foods into a diet that WORKS! This diet allows you to eat WHATEVER you want as long as you follow the guidelines provided. No rigid schedules. No food list. Only a few basic principles to get you started.

This book will take you from the ground up. It will help you to cast off your old, unrealistic dieting ideas. It will then lay the foundation of the simple, flexible, but effective dieting strategy. I will show you how to set up your diet, track your diet, and make adjustments. I will give you some tips on being successful. Best of all, I’ll free you from the yo-yo dieting that plagues too many of us!

All I need from you is a little bit of time and the willingness to trust a new way of dieting. Read over this book once or twice and you will be well on your way to your desired physique. I have included information in setting up your diet, but also shortcuts (in the form of an excel spreadsheet) to help expedite the process! This book will give you all the tools you need to achieve your goals.

If you are ready to start losing weight now, then go ahead, get the book, and start making changes immediately.

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