Chair Yoga: Lifespan Yoga® for Health and Wellness by Beth Daugherty

Finally yoga is accessible without getting up and down from the floor. If you want to try yoga but have some concerns about your flexibility, balance or falling, chair yoga is a good place to begin. In this book you will how to do yoga sitting on a chair or using the chair as a prop. Beginners to yoga will be happy to know it is easier to learn yoga sitting on a chair. In chair yoga you can focus on your body movements, all the yoga postures, learning yoga breathing techniques and letting go of the anxiety around falling. Most of my chair yoga students also find it easy to meditate sitting on a chair because they are so much more comfortable than sitting cross-legged on the floor.

When I began teaching chair yoga, I had all my students sitting on a chair the entire class. People in wheelchairs and those who use canes and walkers enjoyed this type of class because they felt secure on their chair. Also, for students with pain or those finding it impossible to get up and down from the floor, these chair yoga classes were perfect. But I also realized not everyone needs to sit on a chair for every posture. Even some people in wheelchairs like to get out and stretch where possible. Some people find they can move from standing around the chair, using the chair to balance when needed, and then sit back on the chair for other postures. All yoga students are different. This book considers this and includes a variety of options to choose from. Which option you choose for each pose will depend on your own health, ability to move up and down, who is assisting you and how balanced you feel each day. I have also included yoga philosophy, 10 yoga sequences and tips for yoga teachers.

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