The Idle Man Guide to Fitness

The Idle Man knows how hard it can be to get the perfect body that you crave. Even if you’re a seasoned weightlifter, you may not fully know how to burn a little excess body fat efficiently. We also know that if you have the stamina of an athlete runner, putting on muscle is far from the same process. So, we have spoken to top professionals in the fitness industry to make our fitness e-book comprehensible to everybody. If you’re starting from scratch as a beginner, our aim is for this guide to be the help you get started. We also hope that if you’re an expert, you could pick up a thing for two. Basically, in 26 weeks time when you have sculpted that beach body for Ibiza, Thailand or if you’re really lucky Isle Mujeres, you will thank yourself and us that you took this moment in time to start now.  Happy New Year and Happy Training

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