Magnesium – The Lost Mineral by Gaylord Hoffert

Why Magnesium? Nearly 80% of the American population are Magnesium insufficient or deficient. More and more studies are being published indicating the potential connection of Magnesium deficiency and age related changes, as well as, a multitude of medical problems. If you think taking a multivitamin will cover your everyday Magnesium needs, you are likely mistaken.  This book will supply important facts about this vital mineral and why you should make sure you’re getting an adequate supply.
Magnesium is the fourth most abundant mineral in the body and assists in energy metabolism, protein synthesis, and detoxification. It plays a pivotal role in vitality and overall health. It is necessary for cell function and appears in more than 300 different enzymes within the body, supporting numerous metabolic reactions. It plays an important role to energize and recharge not only your body but also your mind. In other words, it is essential and you can not live without it.
This book will give you a solid overview of Magnesium and its crucial role for the human body. It contains a multitude of recipes and a seven day dietary program to help you get started to replenish your body with this deficient mineral and invigorate your body and mind.

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