Your Hero’s Journey by Mette Glargaard

You can’t get rid of your childhood, but you can make it stop controlling you!

Do you recognize this?
– Is it important that others feel good – before you do?
– Are you preoccupied with others’ opinion of you?
– Are you good at making excuses – for others?
– Do you get defensive and feel attacked?
– Are you dependent on others for recognition and approval in order to feel that you are good enough?

This may be some of the symptoms of an upbringing in a family with unsuitable patterns. You may have been influenced in such a way that you are not good at taking yourself seriously, branding yourself, and taking care of yourself. You may feel like a victim and feel that you are unable to do anything about what the challenges within your life.

Your Hero’s Journey is about you and the journey many of us have to set out on before we can become a whole person. In myths and folktales heroes are fighting against dragons and other dangers, perhaps with the assistance of a helper or magical tools. Among other helpful tools, this book offers the S.A.R.-method which is developed by psychotherapist Mette Glargaard. S.A.R. stands for Self–Awareness, Authenticity and Relationships. It is not mystic or magic, but is about developing yourself and your own inner hero. The book is filled with case studies and exercises. These tools can help you on your own hero’s journey.

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