DOCTRINE: The Autobiographies of Existence by Sonny Saggar

You do not need a lightsaber to become a Jedi. This first book in the four book UPWavers series, introduces the terms and structure regarding the Universal Model, a clearer way to understand the energy and processes that operate your Universe and indeed, all of existence. This is a book about energy. It is neither a religious book, nor a scientific one.

You may find this book refreshing and useful, especially if you have been frustrated by the inconsistencies or lack of clarity in any belief system, whether it’s a religion, scientific principle or life-hack method. Comprehending love and gratitude are the first principles of how to begin to open your eyes and free your mind, but this book series will take you beyond poetry and sermons into a wider understanding of your Universe. Much like Bohemian Rhapsody, this burletta jumps around in tempo and timbre offering something different and unique, that culminates into discovering the meaning of your existence.

Book 1, Doctrine, first discusses all the dogma that’s been out there for centuries and then gives you the beginnings of a grand unified theory of everything. It’s not your grandpa’s new age guide, but instead is a treatise on spirituality for the quantum physicist as well as the layperson.

Based on the Universal Model’s explanations, you’ll begin to see how you can achieve anything you wish. Whatever you desire to be, to do or to make happen: it’s yours. With your thoughts you will make ideas and visions and this book will teach you how to make them materialize. The path to inner peace has never been simpler.

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