Track Down Africa by Scott Conrad

Jack’s adventuresome daughter Jessica turns up missing on a trip to central Africa while searching for the legendary lost diamond mine originally discovered by the famous British explorer Sir Henry Morton Stanley in the late 1800s.

Is she lost in the jungle, dead, or kidnapped for ransom by Seleka rebels?

Follow bounty hunter Brad and his retired Force Recon Marine buddies to the deepest darkest jungles of the Ubangi River on a search for his missing cousin Jessica, discover the truth about her disappearance and the fate of the mysterious diamonds.

Scott Conrad’s “A Brad Jacobs Thriller” Series takes retired Force Recon Marine Brad Jacobs and his fellow veterans on dangerous and thrilling international search and rescue missions. Their missions are to “Track Down” and retrieve innocent victims by facing off against fierce, powerful enemies and extremely challenging conditions. Enjoy the non-stop action, adventure and mystery with the entire team as they never fail to lose their sense of humor even during the riskiest of operations. Each book is a complete novella length story on its own.

An action, adventure, military thriller, suspense, mystery novella.

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