In Search of the Guardians: The Dragon’s Last Breath by Virginia Cheong

The Guardians had always been the protectors of Earth, but an unthinkable betrayal has led to their downfall—forcing them to reincarnate as humans and endure lifetimes of pain and suffering.

Without any recollection of where they came from and with their powers unknowingly locked in their subconscious minds, the former Guardians can only live the life they know, fighting to survive. But the pain they must endure is so unbearable that most of them lose their minds. Even the leader of the Guardians, the Almighty Dragon, has fallen victim to the Heiling clan’s evil plot.

With the burden of the prophecy on his shoulders, Master Li, his eight-year old son, and his loyal disciples set out into the Western world to find the Guardians in an attempt to restore peace and harmony to mankind.

The dangers they face are beyond anything they envisioned. The Heiling clan seems to always be one step ahead of them, and their vast numbers make it seemingly impossible for Master Li and his followers to fulfill their mission.

Filled with adventure, mystery, and cultural diversity, In Search of the Guardians brings to Master Li and his followers, experiences that are unforgettable.

In Search of the Guardians: The Dragon’s Last Breath by Virginia Cheong is available at Balboa Press.