Children of War (The Ascended Book 1) by Hugo C Bygott

Kry Ensis is a User. He just doesn’t know it yet.

When struggling college graduate, Kry Ensis, lands a job at a weapons and development corporation called Bellum Industries, he believes his life will finally change for the better.

Until, his colleagues start acting strangely and it is soon apparent that Bellum are not who they appear to be. Danger lurks at every corner as Kry begins to understand the evil around him.

With no idea where to turn, a mysterious stranger, Rush, who has been watching him for months reveals that Kry is a User like him. Someone who can manipulate the elements, move objects with their mind, and create energy that can destroy with just a thought.

Now, Kry must face what he is and master his power before the company he works for kills everyone he loves.

But Bellum is only just the beginning of the real enemy who plots from the shadows…

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