Under The Burning Sky by Olivia Bersell

Honorably discharged from the US Marines in 1965. Ethan Cole’s becomes a teacher, and is contracted to teach at a school in southwest Australia. Stoney Creek is a cattle station owned by the Spence family, with Eugene Spence at the helm. Ethan arrives at Stoney Creek and is instantly attracted to the young half-caste beauty, Amarin. However, love doesn’t come so easily, with an over-protective mother and a brutal rival whose only purpose is to cause him trouble. When a murder rocks the small settlement, Ethan immediately becomes a person of interest, and Eugene has no recourse but to send him back to the United States on the next available flight. Devastated about losing the man she loves, along with learning the secret her mother kept hidden for twenty years, Amarin runs away. Little does she know that there are more surprises awaiting her when she returns with a surprise of her own?

“Under The Burning Sky” is a suspenseful, romantic story of a love between two very different people, and how they overcome the barriers that threaten to keep them apart.

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