The Cinderella Evolution by Mary-Anne Frank

Until now, many of us have expected another person to make us feel whole. However, as the world is discovering that philosophy does not work most of the time. Divorce rates are soaring worldwide, and while our technology is evolving at a frantic speed, our relationships just aren’t keeping up. We need a brave new way to move forward. The Cinderella Evolution is an essential guide, to finding a completely new way to achieve lasting love. If you are married or not, yet unhappy because your relationship just isn’t working the way you had wished, how about instead of separating to break up, imagine separating to make up, coming back together in celebration. This is also for those who are single and want a relationship but are afraid to love because of their past experiences. This guide directs you into a safe haven to explore becoming whole, before proposing a new life of personal happiness within and with each other. Mary-Anne Frank’s The Cinderella Evolution provides the keys, exercises, recommendations, and directions for you to stop wishing and start experiencing finally, a real lasting loving relationship.

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