Wantin by Truth Devour

Trilogy by Truth Devour

Wantin just won at the LA Book festival romance category. To celebrate the e-book has been reduced to .99 cents. Wantin is the first book in the adult contemporary romantic trilogy by Truth Devour. The series is a chronicle written in the first person of a young girls journey into womanhood. Wantin, has been compared by reviewers of all ages to be layered with associations to novels such as Eat Prey Love due to the wonderful global adventures, and novels such as the French classic Emmanuelle and Anaïs Nin’s short story collection Delta of Venus, due to the sexual exploration and expression of the main character Talia Jacobs.

‘If it feels so good loving the wrong person, imagine how wonderful it is going to be when you love the right one.’ Quote from Wantin 

Book 2: Unrequited & Book 3: Sated

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Chapter one Intensity read by Truth Devour

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